Clear the mines! Expose squares one at a time by clicking on them. If the square you click on is vacant, you'll get to see how many of its neighbors have mines in them (0 through 8); but if the square has a mine in it, all the mines will explode.

Shift-click (or right-click) on a square to flag it as a suspected mine. Do it again to mark it as questionable, and again to clear the mark.

When you've exposed all the vacant squares, you win. If a mine explodes, you lose. Click on the face to start a new game.

The left-hand counter shows the number of mines less the number of squares that you've flagged (correctly or not).

Sorry, this is an applet: your browser doesn't support Java.

See also the intermediate
and expert versions.

Written by Andrew Birrell. This program and its source code are available free. Use at your own risk!