Minesweeper Source Code
For educational purposes, you may read the source code of this program. If you want to do anything other than read it, and execute it on this web site, ask me for permission.

The HTML comes in three top-level pages (index.php, intermediate.php, and expert.php). From the browser’s view, each of these is static HTML, but on the server they each used a script (minesweeper.php) to construct the playing area.

The game play is implemented entirely in your browser, by the client-side script (minesweeper.js).

The page layout is controlled by a style sheet (minesweeper.css). The graphics use some Unicode characters (“∞”, “☀”, and “×”) and the smiley images:

bored  erasing  happy  sad
There’s also this page (source.php), and some files related to my overall site design.
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