PJB User Interface Emulation

This is a Java applet that emulates most of the user interface of SRC's "Personal Jukebox" prototype. It's intended to look roughly like a real PJB, except that the "lock" slide-switch is on the side of the real PJB and the small "pause" button in the emulation corresponds to clicking the volume wheel on a real PJB. The applet will be the actual size of a PJB if your screen is 80 dpi.

The table of contents for this emulation came from my own PJB in January 2000. At the time my PJB had about 2371 MBytes of MP3 in it ... 43 hours of music. It's organized as 9 sets, 60 disks, and 410 tracks (movements in classical pieces are arranged as single tracks).

Sorry, this pages requires a browser that implements Java and has it enabled.

Some features are missing from the emulation right now: shuffle play isn't there, the effect of next-track while playing is wrong, set/disk/track names don't scroll, and the state of the "lock" slide-switch isn't shown on the LCD. Also, the volume level in the emulation is always zero!

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